December Events for your diary

If you need to brush up skills in managing woodland, have an idea for training you’d like to do, or just need to spend some time with like-minded woodland people, take a look over at our Events page for new dates for the diary.  

If you’d like to know more about how to recognise tree diseases, how to spot hazardous trees and what to do to benefit the wildlife in the wood where you work, the Woodland Management CPD is sure to be the best half day learning you’ll do this year, gleaning practical skills and woodland knowledge from Bradford Council Woodland Team’s Andrew Cutts before he leaves us for pastures (or woodlands?) new in 2020.  

The December BFSN meeting is a chance for all members, including Associate and Full members, to get together and reflect on how the year has gone and ideas for 2020, over a friendly drink.  Also, if you don’t know what a Secret Krampus is, you need to check out the events page, or better still, come along!

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