New Booking system for Bradford Council woodlands

Bradford Council manages 590 hectares of woodlands, so there is huge scope for running forest schools in our district. However, before using one of their sites, forest school practitioners need to seek permission from the Council and they will ONLY grant permission to forest school groups who are part of Bradford Forest School Network, so that’s another good reason to join up.

To request permission, initially submit your enquiry to woodlands @

Following the email, the council will send the enquirer a new booking form, (the old Woodlands booking form has been replaced) and asked to read their Terms of Letting and Woodlands Code of conduct documents. The booking form is used to check availability and suitability of event. If the booking can proceed, you will then need to provide evidence of risk assessment, public liability insurance, site layout and in some cases, evidence of completion of the council’s Safety Advisory Group form.

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